Can I Share Book Briefs With Friends?

Book Brief Sharing Policy:

If you have a regular Single Member subscription or purchased an individual Book Brief, you are only permitted to own one copy of each Book Brief (one digital and physical copy, if you want to print it). Distribution of the Book Brief beyond personal use, without direct permission from us, is prohibited :(

While you are certainly free to physically share your copy with a friend standing beside you, we kindly ask you do not print multiple copies or share/distribute copies digitally. Channels of distribution include, but are not limited to, email, social media, blogs, or digital storage devices.

To illustrate: You can liken the Book Brief sharing policy with a song / album you purchased on iTunes (perhaps Lecrae?). You could absolutely blast the song at a family pool party, or share headphones with your bestie on the bus. But it would be inconsiderate to the artist (and unlawful) to burn a CD 💽 or share the song online.

Now switch out the album with an Accelerate Book Brief. You're free to download it to your tablet or print a single copy to share with your family, but not to email a copy to a friend.

If, however, you'd like to be able to download or print multiple copies for group discussions, please do consider our Group Membership Plans, also described below.

Group Membership Sharing:

If you are subscribed to any of our Group Plans, you are permitted to download/print one copy per group member (i.e. a group of 15 members can print 15 copies of each Book Brief)

However, digital distribution beyond group use, without direct permission from us, is still prohibited. 

What About Format Shifting? 

To quote CCLI: "To respond to a surge in personal ownership of digital media (music, videos, ebooks, etc.), the law has evolved to allow personal backup of lawfully purchased media used for private purposes. Format Shifting refers to the copying and conversion from one format or device to another for personal use only. It remains illegal to share digital media files with a third-party, including friends or family."