How Do I Set Up My Group?

** The following set up instructions are only applicable for Group Owners.

Alright. So, you've registered for a group membership. Now what?

First, you'll want to head over to the  Group Dashboard located in the top right of the navigation menu.

The Group Dashboard is comprised of FIVE components:

  1. Group Subscription Type
  2. Group Members List
  3. Adding Group Members
  4. Group Settings
  5. Group Roles

Still with us? Awesome. Now we explain each section in detail below.

1.  Group Subscription Type 

This will show you your current group membership level and how many members your group can hold. You have the option of changing it to either upgrade or downgrade your subscription level.

2.  Group Members List 

This is a searchable list of all the members in your group. Listed are their Names, Roles, and Actions you can take as the Group Owner. 

Remove From Group While this will delete the member from your group, it will not delete their account. Removed members can still log in but will be marked as "inactive" unless invited back to the group (must receive another invite email). Alternatively, they can subscribe as a single member.
Set As Member This action bypasses the pending invite email and adds them as a member immediately. 
Resend Invite This sends another email with an invitation code.
Set as Admin This gives the member Admin privileges (see Group Roles below). This action is only visible when members have accepted the invitation.

3.  Adding Group Members

This section allows you to invite members to your group. This form allows you to set their 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Username (optional)
  • Password (optional)

Once you add the member, an automatic group invitation email will be sent out that looks like this:

When invited members click through the invite link, they will be directed to their Account Settings page where they can update their information if they would like to.

You also have the option to disable the automatic invite email and add them immediately to the group. This will bypass the need for them to accept the email invite. However, they will be still be sent an email informing them that an Accelerate account was created for them.

4.  Group Settings

Under this section, you can change the name and description of the group, both of which exist for your reference and will be included in the invitation emails.

5.  Group Roles

The last section is a short definition of all the possible group roles. We've pasted it again here:

  • Owner – The owner of the group. The person who registers for a subscription creates the group and becomes the owner. This user is in charge of managing billing, renewing the membership (if applicable), and also has permission to edit group details and manage members. A group can only have one owner.
  • Admin – Group administrators are assigned by group owners. They do not have access to any billing details, but they do have permission to view group details and add/remove members.
  • Member – Group members are invited by the owner or an admin. Members do not have access to view group details or see information about other members.
  • Invited – These are users who have been invited to join the group but have not yet accepted their invitation.