What Is Your Book Summary Philosophy?

There are TWO principles that shape our book summaries and make this program unique:

#1: The Insight Principle
 “Books don’t change people, paragraphs do and sometimes sentences. They may lodge themselves so powerfully in our mind that its effect is enormous when all else is forgotten.” – John Piper

You may forget a book’s page numbers, but you’ll never forget its’ worldview-shaping insights.

Accelerate identifies these paragraphs and sentences. After spending hours analyzing a book, our team extracts the key insights and then strategically presents them in a way that is easy to grasp. More than summarizing books chapter-by-chapter, we focus on maximizing reader comprehension and retention.
#2: The 20% Principle
“80% of a book’s main insights are found in 20% of the pages. So without apology, I ransack books for what I can get in the little time I have in this season of life.” – David Mathis

In other words, while most of a book’s pages exist to illustrate and solidify a handful of main ideas, these main ideas reside within 20% of the pages. Accelerate book summaries give you access to this 20%, allowing you to quickly grasp the book.