Is Accelerate Right For Me?

"There is no substitute for effective reading when it comes to developing and maintaining the intelligence necessary to lead."

- Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theology Seminary.

You already know that leaders are readers. In fact, you probably have a never-ending list of "books to read"

Don't worry. Us too.

However, don't you ever wish you had more time to read? Or wished you could read more quickly?

Furthermore: Do you ever feel guilty or overwhelmed when it feels like everybody else reads more than you do?

You're not alone. That's why we created Accelerate!

Hundreds of Accelerate members have joined because they say that Accelerate:

  1. Saves Them Time 🕓
    Many members just don't have the time to read all the books they'd like. Our Book Briefs help save that time by quickly providing the key insights. Simply meditating on the insights provided is stirring enough for some. Others like that the Book Briefs help them decide whether to invest more fully by purchasing the book. (They dread getting halfway into a book only to realize it wasn't what they had expected)
  2. Expands Their Knowledge for Ministry 📚
    Pastors often use Book Briefs to supplement their sermon preparation. Others use Accelerate to read more widely and stay in the know the latest books.
  3. Helps Them Retain Information 💡
    We frequently receive feedback appreciating how simple, yet rich the Book Briefs are. They're brief enough to ensure you remember the insights, but deep enough to capture a book's essence. Many use the Book Briefs as a quick and helpful refresher on books already read.
  4. Fuels Their Personal Spiritual Life 🔥
    Book Briefs also provide thought-provoking application questions that can be used for personal or group reflection.
  5. Empowers Them to Help Others 👍
    In addition to having material to teach and discuss at group meetings (or even going through them together with a Group Plan), members use Book Briefs to give informed book recommendations to friends and family.

If you find any of those benefits helpful, Accelerate's for you! Still have questions? Contact us!