How Do Authors And Publishers Feel About Accelerate?

We’re happy to say that publishers are on board with the Accelerate program! Given that Accelerate doesn’t aim to replace the reading or buying of books, it’s a win-win for both readers and publishers/authors. One of our hopes is that by introducing our members to authors they’re unfamiliar with, Accelerate will help to connect authors with more readers and give their books more exposure. In fact, many members have told us that the Accelerate book summaries encouraged them to purchase the full book!

But, what about copyright?

We love our authors and are very intentional about respecting them and their work. Therefore, our book summaries are not only designed specifically for easy reader use and comprehension but also designed to protect the original content. Additionally, while our summaries go deep and distill the key insights and arguments from the books, they are still original content in and of themselves, crafted specifically with a unique Accelerate voice, style, and structure.