Can I Read The Book Briefs Online?

Currently, Book Briefs are only available as PDF Downloads. 

However, we know that isn't the preferred viewing experience for many of our members. While we cannot provide a timeline, we plan to create an Accelerate web application that will allow users to navigate and read Book Briefs seamlessly and conveniently online.

Our Previous Attempts:

For a while, we tried several ways to incorporate our book briefs directly onto our website to avoid downloads. 

First, we tried embedding the PDFs onto a webpage, similar to how one might add a YouTube video onto a website. However, this method was notorious for how inconsistent it looked and functioned, depending on one's browser and/or device. As soon as we made it work properly for a handful of users, others complained there were no "next buttons" on their mobile screen.

Second, we tried presenting all book briefs in an online viewer (like this one for example). We were using 3rd-Party software to convert all our book briefs into this interactive book format. And while it worked and didn't require a download, it felt very clumsy. People had to squint on their desktops. Mobile users couldn't swipe to change pages. Given that it was a 3rd-party software, we could only work with the settings they provided and couldn't customize it to better serve our unique audience. 

While not our preference, given the time and effort we put into trying to find a way, the only approach that could guarantee a consistent experience was downloading the PDF.

However, know that this is a temporary set up and once it's possible, we fully intend on building our very own custom web viewer so you can view these book briefs conveniently from our website.